Drivers Education


Driver's Education

Interested students can sign up online at It does not guarantee acceptance into the class. Students will not receive a phone call prior to the start of class. The first 50 students to show up to class will be accepted in the order of oldest to youngest. Student must be 14-1/2 on the first day of class to take the class and MUST bring a copy of their valid birth certificate AND a copy of their social security card to the first class meeting. Student name must match on both birth certificate AND social security card. No exceptions.

Register at:

1) Scroll down and Click on Register Online

2) Click on "Carteret"

3) Click on West Carteret High School

A list of the next available classes will be displayed and when registration is open for those classes.

All class meetings must be attended.  Class meets online.

Students must be on time to class. If they are a minute late they will not be permitted into the class.

Once successfully completing the class, "Behind the Wheel Driver's Training" will be scheduled by the instructor.

There is a $65.00 fee payable at the time of Behind the Wheel Driver's Training.

Once successfully completing the Behind the Wheel Driver's Training, the student will receive a Certificate of Completion from the driving instructor. Prior going to the DMV, the parent or guardian of the student must bring that certificate into the front office to obtain a "Driver's Eligibility" certificate which at that time they would take to the DMV with the student to take the Driver's Permit test.

Please note, Driver's Eligibility is determined by passing the Driver's Education class, the Behind the Wheel Training, and the student must be passing 75% of their classes.

For more information contact NC Driving School

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