Parking Permit Registration

Parking at WCHS is a Privilege, not a right.

Please read the below regulations and download the form at the bottom

  1. All vehicles parked on campus must have a current school year parking permit displayed prior to the third (3rd) day of school.  The student will present a signed registration form with the non-refundable $40. fee for the school year.

  2. Students must pass three out of four classes the previous semester to obtain/retain their parking privilege.

  3. All spaces are reserved, and the Parking Permit is to be displayed on the rearview mirror. The student may Not loan or share the Parking Permit with another student. Vehicles that do not display a parking permit are subject to being towed at the vehicle owners' expense. The student is to park in reserved marked parking spaces only. Parking in a non-designated space may result in vehicles being towed at the owners' expense.

  4. A student is not allowed to drive across parking spaces, or across the grass behind the school, or cut in line when entering or leaving campus. The student is to follow the traffic pattern towards Vashti Dr. and then towards the exit onto Country Club Rd. This is for the student's safety and the safety of others. The speed limit on campus is 8mph.

  5. Careless and reckless driving will result in the loss of campus parking privileges.

  6. Any noise deemed unreasonably loud (i.e. Music, Exhaust, etc. ) may result in permanent loss of parking privilege.

  7. The student is not to park on private property without the owner's permission. This includes Glad Tidings Church located directly across the street from the high school.

  8. The student is to park their car and then promptly enter school. Students are not to remain in their vehicles to eat breakfast or to finish homework.

  9. The student is to follow the directions of the School Resource Officer and/or Assistant Principals when arriving and leaving the school.

  10. Students must get a separate parking lot pass from the front office before going to their car during the school day. Whether to temporarily get something out of their car or to leave campus during school hours.

  11. If your vehicle is damaged or involved in an accident while on campus, immediately notify the School Resource Officer or front office staff. If you are not able to report it to a school official, contact eh Morehead City Police Dept at : 252-726-3131. Make sure to document and take pictures at the incident.

  12. Vehicles on campus are subject to periodic search and contraband checks.

  13. Violations of any part of the parking policy will result in the following:

    1. First Offense - Suspension of parking privilege for 5 school days

    2. Second Offense - Suspension of parking privilege for 5 school days

    3. Third Offense - Suspension of parking privilege for 10 school days

    4. Fourth Offense - Suspension of parking privilege for 15 school days



Bring completed form along with payment IN PERSON to the School Resource Officer at WCHS
Parking Permit Registration WILL NOT be accepted through the mail.

For additional questions?...please contact the School Resource Officer or the WCHS Front Office (252) 726-1176