Academic Awards

National Technical Honor Society

  • You have an unweighted overall GPA of 3.0 or higher and an unweighted GPA in your CTE courses of 3.25 or higher
  • Completed a minimum of one of the 16 recognized Career Clusters by completing a pathway.  This includes a level I course and a level II course, a completer.  In some cases, it will require 3 courses to complete a pathway. (For example: Construction Core, Carpentry I, and Carpentry II would be required to complete the pathway).
  • You are an active member of a Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO).

Once a student has been inducted, he or she must complete 4 hours of community service/semester and turn it in to the Career Development Coordinator in May of each school year they are a member.  Failure to do so and failure to maintain GPA requirements will result in being removed from the National Technical Honor Society without a refund of any dues paid to the National Organization.

National Honor Society

  • 90 Average —not rounded up
  • 3.63 weighted GPA —not rounded up
  • Junior or Senior classification

Once a student has been inducted, he or she must maintain both averages as stated above for the duration of the membership. Students must also maintain satisfactory conduct in and out of school and are required to complete community service hours.

The entire faculty uses secret ballots to rate student leadership, character, and service on a scale of 1 to 4. The Faculty Council, a committee of five teachers appointed by the principal, evaluates all students. The principal, assistant principals, and the NHS sponsor cannot be members of the Faculty Council. The Faculty Council determines the students who will be inducted into the organization through the application process at WCHS.

According to the rules mandated in the National Honor Society national handbook, a member is never automatically dismissed for failing to maintain standards. However, members are told, given written rules which they sign, and understand fully that they are liable for dismissal if they do not maintain the standards of scholarship, leadership, service, and character used as a basis for selection based on the West Carteret High School Chapter of the National Honor Society Constitution and By-Laws.


NC Academic Scholars Program

Students who complete the requirements for an academically challenging high school program will be named North Carolina Academic Scholars and receive special recognition. The students who qualify for this special recognition will:

  • be designated by the State Board of Ed as NC Academic Scholars
  • receive a seal of recognition attached to their diplomas
  • receive special recognition at graduation
  • *Refer to County Curriculum Guide for specific requirements


Character and Academic Achievement

WCHS encourages all students to achieve their full academic potential and recognizes students who meet this challenge.

  • Eligibility is based on achieving a minimum 4.0 Weighted Non-Cumulative GPA (QPA) or a 90% average for both semesters (separately calculated) of the previous school year.
  •  The Weighted Non-Cumulative GPA of 4.0 (QPA) is calculated each semester using all courses in which the student is enrolled.
  • The Character and Academic Achievement ceremony will be held in the fall of the school year.
  •  Out of School Suspension (OSS) automatically eliminates a student from Character and Academic Achievement for the eligibility period in which the suspension is received.
  • Any Civil Offense regarding cheating, plagiarism, and or falsification eliminates a student from Character and Academic Achievement for the eligibility period in which the suspension is received.

Transfer students may be eligible to receive an award certificate, and a gold tassel to be worn for graduation if the grades can be verified from an accredited institution equivalent to WCHS.

Recognition is as follows:

  • First year of qualification (Soph-Senior) - Bronze Medal
  • Second year of qualification (Junior-Senior) - Silver Medal
  • Third year of qualification (Senior) - Gold Medal & tassel to be worn at graduation, eligibility for CAA scholarship

Character and Academic Achievement Scholarship Requirements:

  • Nominees must be WCHS Character and Academic Achievement Award Recipients all three years.
  • An essay is required.
  •  The scholarship presentation is on Scholarship/Senior Awards Night.


Athletic Participation Requirements

North Carolina High School Athletic Association General Requirements:

  • Scholastics—Must pass a minimum of three courses the previous semester. Must meet Carteret County Board of Education promotion requirements.
  • Eight Semester Rule—Students are eligible for competition on high school teams only during eight consecutive semesters beginning with the student’s entry into grade nine or participation on a high school team, whichever comes first.
  • Age—No student may be approved for athletic competition if his/her 19th birthday comes on or before October 16 of the current school year.


NC Graduation Requirements and Grading Scale

A (90-100)    B (80-89)     C (70-79)    D (60-69)     F (<60)


4 credits



4 credits

Math I, Math II, Math III, 4th Math


3 credits

A physical science course, Biology, Environmental Science

Social Studies

4 credits

World History, Civics, American History, Economics and Personal Finance

World Languages

Not required for high school graduation. A two-credit minimum is required for admission to a university in the UNC system.

Health and Physical


1 credit

Health & PE

All Students are required to have 28 credits to graduate. Possible exception: Transfer Students